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Resonacle is in continuous and dynamic improvement in quality of products and services. Our main aim is to provide standard services to fulfill customer satisfaction and constantly developing the quality of products.

We buy from the manufacturers whose facilities adhere to the highest standards of quality that meets our customer’s expectation and help us achieve high customer satisfaction.
The facilities of manufacturers are equipped with world class machines capable of manufacturing a wide range of formulation .The facility has been audited and approved by regulatory authorities of various countries.

Quality Assurance-
Our manufacturers ensure quality at each stage right from raw materials to finished products. They have independent and well equipped QA and QC department and maintain quality control to ensure that the final product is of best standard.

Resonacle product treats and prevents a range of disease and conditions. Resonacle focus on the innovation as rapid growth of the population and greater access to healthcare in market increase the need for innovation.

Creative support-
Creative team understands the brands DNA and develops product styling, branding solutions and retail concepts which goes perfectly with the brand extension. Resonacle has relations with local and international packaging and creative packaging vendors which help us make our product different.

Distribution and sales support-
Resonacle has large distribution network with its own sales team in the market. The team is trained to sell products in highly fragmented market.